Highlighting Your Day

Hood River, White Salmon & Stevenson Wedding Videographer

Wedding Films in the Columbia River Gorge.

For many, their wedding can seem to fly by – even after months of planning. Couples love to add video to remember the little details and all the in-between moments they may have missed on the day.


We deliver our films in a way that showcases the best captures throughout the wedding. These four to eight minute films are delivered as a highlight reel and showcase a documentary style story format.


Just as our photography aims to be timeless and true to color, our films aim to reach the same standards, ensuring you are able to enjoy for years to come.


Are you ready to capture your day with confidence?

Pricing & Packages



Eight hours is our baseline package for wedding films. We are able to create a dynamic video while keeping coverage at a minimum.



At ten hours of coverage we are able to capture a bit of everything, ensuring you get a comprehensive film to enjoy and look back on.



Twelve hours of coverage is our premium package, allowing us to capture the best parts of your whole day.


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